IT Procurement

Before working with Fulcrum, our clients were spending 50%-70% more on IT hardware than was necessary.

Do you have the time, resources and market knowledge to acquire high-quality used and new IT equipment, and negotiate the best price?

Our customers rely on us to provide expert equipment procurement from reliable/trustworthy sources. Our team as significant industry experience, on both sides of the table, buying and selling enterprise IT equipment.

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We carry a large inventory of our own off-lease equipment. And because we are well-capitalized we have the buying power to purchase large quantities of sought-after new and used equipment, at significant discounts, and pass the savings on to you. Let us be your “IT Concierge” when you need to source the highest-quality IT equipment for the greatest value.

Technical Advisory Services

You know what you want to buy! But for those times when you’re just not sure, Fulcrum can help. We’re not just going to ask you what part number you need. Instead we pride ourselves on taking a consultative approach. Our team has extensive experience in the IT System Integration industry designing and implementing complex solutions. We’ll take the time to understand your application use-case, discuss technical options and help determine which one is the best for you – technology and vendor….used or new.

IT Asset Recovery Services

Just like we remarket our own off-lease IT assets, we can do the same for you. If you have an older piece of equipment that needs replacement, we can help maximize its salvage value and monetize that asset. Use that cash or market value to acquire what you need today.

And if it’s junk, we'll tell you! Fulcrum has in-house capabilities to erase sensitive data to NIST and DoD Standards. And we partner with a downstream ecosystem of E-recyclers and refiners that dispose of the equipment to the US EPA Responsible Recycling (R2) standards. We'll assure you that your asset has been disposed of in an environmentally correct fashion…and we'll put some cash back in your pocket in the process.

  • Monetize and maximize the scrap value of your IT asset
  • Data Erasure to NIST and DoD standards
  • Partnerships with R2 certified e-cyclers